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Friends Helping Friends..with Pits. Fire relief for Northern California.

NVBFF is a group of local chefs coming together to feed thousands.

About Us

Our Mission

As of October 17, 2017 Napa Valley Barbecue Foundation Fund / Napa Valley BFF has partnered with Rock Worship Center of Napa to coordinate a donation account at Redwood Credit Union to serve as a mission fund for the fire relief efforts in Northern California. 


We are honored to have the means to serve those touched by the Butte County Fire.  NVBFF is currently assessing the needs of the Paradise, Chico and Oroville areas to provide meal venues for displaced families and deliver meals to those outside of these areas.  

What we are bringing to the table:

A system proven during the Napa/Sonoma Fires of 2017 to clearly identify and execute to fulfill the needs of these areas. 

Our Goals over the course of the next 7 days:

· To work with teams already on the ground to accurately identify the needs of the surrounding areas

· Coordinate donations (food and monetary) to meet these needs

· Coordinate supplies and food storage

· Coordinate serve-safe volunteers to manage our kitchens and execute meals in a professional manner.

· Coordinate volunteers for meal service and deliveries of these meals

All donations collected will be used for the sole purpose of continuing our efforts.  

Who we are

A group of Bay Area Chefs and Restaurateurs with the knowledge and experience to provide nutritious meals for thousands daily. Currently helping Camp fire victims.

How you can help

Donations, big or small, are greatly appreciated! We will also need volunteers from 11/18-11/21 to help prepare Thanksgiving dinner in Chico.

 Our overarching goal is to keep your generous donations in Northern California to support ongoing relief efforts.  

Want to Volunteer?

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Please include your name, number and availability. Thank you!

Napa Valley Barbecue Foundation Fund

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Give Thanks

All day

Chico, CA

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Give Thanks

 People from all over California and beyond, partnered with Napa Valley Barbeque and Copia, are hosting a huge, delicious Thanksgiving Feast for Camp Fire survivors and families, first responders, emergency and relief workers, and volunteers in the area. This page is for event volunteer sign-up and communications. We will need volunteers to help set-up, host, clean-up, transport, food prep, cook, and assist with our food drive and on-site distribution. We ask that all food and kitchen volunteers have food service experience and a current ServSafe certification.

The event is scheduled for Wednesday, 11/21, from 2-6 PM at multiple locations in the Chico and Oroville areas; we will provide more information in regards to the locations in the next day or two. We need volunteers for the day of the event and also the couple days prior (Monday and Tuesday 11/19-11/20). 

All day

Chico, CA

Rock Worship Center

501(c)(3) Tax ID: 68-0299928

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Founded 2017